Praktijk Hoek Melkweg - Studentenhulpverlening

janphilipOne of the founding members of Praktijk Hoek Melkweg.


I completed my studies as a clinical psychologist in 1982, after which I specialized as a health care psychologist. In later years I studied Gestalt Therapy and Psychosynthesis.

Marja KuzmanićI have been working at Praktijk Hoek Melkweg since 2012. I hold a PhD degree in clinical psychology, with a focus on the topic of suicide. During my Master’s study in social and developmental psychology, I focused on the topic of social and cultural identity.

After finishing my academic studies, I completed a Master’s level training in existential counseling and psychotherapy at the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling (NSPC) in London.

Ralph EversI studied clinical psychology at the University of Groningen and then specialized in Gestalt therapy.

Out of the many psychological theories and forms of psychotherapy, I find the Gestalt approach the most inspiring due to its focus on the human being and his condition.