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Marja KuzmanićI have been working at Praktijk Hoek Melkweg since 2012. I hold a PhD degree in clinical psychology, with a focus on the topic of suicide. During my Master’s study in social and developmental psychology, I focused on the topic of social and cultural identity.

After finishing my academic studies, I completed a Master’s level training in existential counseling and psychotherapy at the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling (NSPC) in London.


In my practice with clients I work from the existential therapeutic approach. From this perspective every human being is unique and in search of meaning and sense in life. As human beings we are defined by our embodiment and limited by our mortality. Moreover, we are always in relation to other people but paradoxically also utterly alone. Furthermore, we are free and doomed to make choices in life and, therefore, carry the burden of responsibility for our choices. These facts of human existence form the basis of my approach, with which I aim to empower my clients, enhance their self-awareness and help them find their own answers to problems in life.


I work in Dutch, English, Slovenian, Croatian and other languages of former Yugoslavia. I focus especially on intercultural issues and expat or international clients. My private practice Inter-Being specializes in counseling and coaching.



Health care psychologist: BIG-registration number: 89917986825

Slovenian Psychologists’ Association (DPS)