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Sometimes our lives are influenced by events that occurred in our past without us realizing. We have learned to avoid feelings and memories connected to these painful events.

Due to this avoidance we get used to a life of fear, insecurity or depression. The amount of energy needed just to keep going becomes clear when the pressures of life become bigger. The risk of collapse becomes real.


Does this happen to you when faced with exams, problems in your relationship or when moving homes? Do you feel that you cannot solve this on your own?

Then individual therapy can help you to develop insights on a deeper level about what really bothers you and keeps you from living life to the full. By dealing with painful memories that surface during therapy, you create possibilities for change.


There are many forms of individual therapy. When making your choice for a certain form of therapy it is important to consider that it has to fit your specific problem. A good connection with the therapist is also very important.



Do you wish to see if maybe individual therapy could help you?